are you a witness or victim of discrimination?

Articolo 3’s reports offer a look into what happened in a predetermined period of time in Mantua and in Lombardy. In every report you can read an in depth insight about the minorities and the groups that are more affected by discrimination.

Articolo 3 Observatory on discrimination works to prevent and contrast discrimination and harassment for any and all risk factors acknowledged by the European legislation, also in cooperation with Public Administrations and singular individuals.




Articolo 3 Observatory on discrimination is Territorial Node in the regional Web of prevention of and contrast to discrimination of the Lombardy Region, Decree 72027 of July 28 2014, following article 44, comma 12 of the Singular Text on immigration, Delegation 286/98.

Articolo 3 Observatory on discrimination is an association born in Mantua in 2008 to give weight to Primo Levi’s warning found in the introduction of his memoir If This Is a Man«Many persons or people may, willingly or otherwise, think “every stranger is the enemy”. Mostly this conviction is to be found deep down in people’s hearts, not unlike a latent infection. […] The history of destruction camps should be considered by all as a morbid danger warning».  

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