Articolo 3 Observatory on discrimination is Territorial Node in the regional net of prevention of and contrast to discrimination of the Lombardy Region, Decree 72027 of July 28 2014, following article 44, comma 12 of the Testo Unico on Immigration, Delegation 286/98.

The association coordinates the Mantua Anti-discrimination net, formed by agencies and associations that fight against the discrimination and harassment possibly faced for every risk factor acknowledged by the law. The net is formed by Articolo 3,Territorial Node, Info points and territorial Antennae. The info points work to sensitize and direct people towards the anti-discrimination desks. The territorial antennae are the first access point for the potential victims of discrimination.

Our objective is to build a large presence of info points and territorial antennae to offer the people an easy access to the services of anti-discrimination. Agencies and associations can become members of the Mantua Anti-discrimination net putting a request through Articolo 3.