Italy lacks a cultural and political awareness about the damage, also economical, caused by discrimination and financing is almost completely absent. Because of this it’s important your participation, to support the preventive actions, the acknowledgment and the contrast towards all kinds of discrimination and assaults. You can participate by becoming a volunteer or donating.

To become a volunteer we ask that you undertake a short period of informal training. You can work even for just a few hours per week and, for example, the monitoring of the news you can do from home. Send an e-mail to apply and to know the activities you can do.

Your donation is important to support the activities. Every donation will be answered with a report of the expenses it has covered. You can send an e-mail to better understand the association’s current needs, or you can donate directly:  Articolo 3 Observatory on discrimination at Banco BPM, IBAN n. IT78O0503411501000000008719.