About us

Articolo 3 Observatory on discrimination is an association born in Mantua in 2008 to give weight to Primo Levi’s warning found in the introduction of his memoir If This Is a Man: «Many persons or people may, willingly or otherwise, think “every stranger is the enemy”. Mostly this conviction is to be found deep down in people’s hearts, not unlike a latent infection. […] The history of destruction camps should be considered by all as a morbid danger warning».

The Observatory’s foundation is to be awarded to the Sucar Drom association, to the Mantua’s Arcigay “la Salamandra”, to the Institute of Sinti Culture, to the Mantua’s Jewish Community, to the Institute of Contemporary History of Mantua and to the support of the Province of Mantua and to the Municipality of Mantua.

The association is composed of members of minority groups that, together with people part of the larger community, form a united front against discrimination and racism. Articolo 3’s mission is to bind the memory and history of fascist and Nazi persecutions to the creation of a tool that gives people who are still, nowadays, victims of discrimination a point of reference.

Articolo 3 is Territorial Node of the regional Net of prevention of and contrast to discrimination, which has been founded by the Lombardy region with the Decree 7207 of 28/07/2014. The association is subscribed to the Registry of associations who work against discrimination that has been instituted based on the articles 5 and 6 of the Delegation 215/2003

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